Abasto SpA

Feel good. Relax. Switch off.

To ensure our guests and visitors enjoy an especially relaxing stay, the Abasto Hotel has a new, spaciously designed spa area. A massage relaxes your muscles and soothes any aches and pains. A sauna, steam room and an ice-cold plunge pool give your immune system a helping hand and encourage you to relax. You can relax between treatments in our wonderfully designed relaxation zones.


Massages & more

Lie back and relax and put your trust in the hands of our skilled staff. A soothing massage, revitalising lymph drainage or mobilising stiff joints is something that requires sensitivity and dexterity. That’s why we use highly trained experts, so you will leave the spa area feeling relaxed and full of vitality.
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Sauna & more

Sauna & steam bath

A sauna is a centuries-old tradition from Finland that has spread throughout Europe since medieval times. In the Abasto Spa, choose between the dry heat of our high-temperature sauna or the soothing warmth of the classic steam room. Whichever you decide, people still agree on the health-promoting and beneficial effects of a sauna and plunge pool to this day.

Place to relax

Plenty of rest & relaxation in the spa

The spa area in the Abasto Hotel has a number of inviting relaxation areas. The comfortable loungers in the large relaxation room welcome visits with a homely feel-good atmosphere and calming colours. In the adjoining entrance area you will find a light and spacious sitting area with additional loungers, ideal for enjoying a drink before your treatment or after your sauna.